Terahertz Electron Spin Resonance using Gyrotron and Detection System


主讲人:石川裕也 福井大学(日本)助理教授





内容介绍:We constructed a new multifrequency electron spin resonance (ESR) system by combining a compact-type gyrotron named FU CW CIA and a force-detection ESR measurement system with a variable temperature cryostat which can be used in the temperature range 5-300 K. Multifrequency ESR signals of 1,1-diphenyl-2- picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) were successfully detected at room temperature in the fundamental oscillation region of the gyrotron source (108–206 GHz). The sensitivity was obtained to be in the order of 1012 spins/G from the ESR measurement of Cu(C4H4N2)(NO3)2 at room temperature. These results indicate that the combination of a high-power wave-source gyrotron with multifrequency oscillation and a force-detection system is well matched to enable multifrequency ESR measurements over a wide temperature range from room temperature to cryogenic temperatures.